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New Post: 2016 – A Harvest to Remember

In response to an email query about the over all 2016 Harvest: This is Ted Potter, winemaker at Naylor Wine Cellars.  As with each harvest year in south central Pennsylvania, it is unique; some better than others.   In the early spring news was traveling in Maryland,... read more

New Post: Nature’s By Product of Fall Showers

                                     Mushrooms Congregating Around the Base of An European Hickory Tree. The continual rain showers of the last week in September and first week in October and the cool evenings and the warmth of the sun brought forth an abundance of... read more

New Post: What Lead Up To The Last Squeeze

The weather forecast was for three day of showers here and there.  The growing season had been warm with plenty of sunshine.  At times to warm, especially in the evening when the grape vines needed to respire to complete the photosynthesis process the  evenings... read more